Saturday, November 9, 2013

No Heat November -Style Review 1

So this week has been slightly challenging without heat, because a few times my hair wasn't working and I wanted to bust out my curling iron…BUT I DIDN'T. The first day I went to San Diego to go to my cousin's wedding. I met my beautiful new niece Marissa. I thought I got a pic of my hair, but when I got home I realized that it didn't show in the pic. It was just a messy bun with chop sticks.
My Sweet Marissa!
I had a blast and feel so honored to have been included in their special day. I am so happy to welcome Sarah and Marissa into the Thaler family!

Saturday, I wasn't feeling well and stayed home most of the day doing homework. But I did run over to my second home…Target! I wore my hair natural! I put some oil in it and called it a day!

On Sunday I decided that I wanted to wear my hair in a High Bun but I didn't know how. So I just started by a pony pulled halfway through, and started doing large pin curls. This is how it turned out! (Notice Kenny Creeping in the background!)

I changed my hair sunday night to a low bun that looked almost exactly like this, but sadly I forgot to take a picture. Monday morning I had to be at work by 6am so I slicked my hair back in a low bun. I did not take a picture because it was 5:20 when I left for work! On tuesday I wore my hair in a side braid with a cute little hat! 

As you can see I was feeling silly that day! On wednesday I had to do my hair in a style that would last through a day of teaching and then be church ready. So this is how it turned out. The lovely lady with me is my Trina Beana! I just noticed I only fixed the red eye in one eye LOL.

Thursday I wore a white lace headband that I made but I forgot to take a pic LOL…and Friday I was sick and I have no idea how my hair looked lol… So here is my weekish of hair update!


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  2. I love how long your hair is! It looks so pretty in the high bun! I wish I could pull that off, but it never turns out right for me! :(

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