Monday, October 28, 2013


No Heat November

Let me start by saying that I am loving our first touch of Fall weather in sunny southern California. The wind is blowing, the rain is falling, and I am bundled up! It is just lovely to be able to sit on the couch with Kendra blasting Christmas Music, while the family drinks some tea lattes. Did I say I love Fall?

So here is the scoop…

Have you ever heard of No Shave November? During my time at Sac State I heard of some people, both male and female, that for the month of November did not shave. I was grossed out by this (for the ladies) and thought it was silly. Well the other day I was trying to do my hair for church and was considering curling it because it was just not working out for me. A thought popped in my head that I should really try a month without heat. I try to only curl my hair like 4 times a month, just because I want to keep it healthy. But if you say you are not going to curl your hair, you are like making a commitment! So then I chuckled to myself, NO HEAT NOVEMBER, and laughed even harder that I thought I could document the whole month of NO HEAT styles (me last a month of straight blogging). I let the thought run over in my head, and thought of not posting it because I would have to stick to it. But I overcame and have decided to send out a challenge…. NO HEAT NOVEMBER!

Here is how it works

1. For the whole month of November, you cannot use ANY heat in your hair…(Curl, Straighten, BlowDry, etc….)

Thats it, pretty simple right?

I will TRY to post pictures of my styles everyday, especially for church! This is also a challenge for me because my sister thinks I get stuck with the same hair style for a month (she may or may not be right). 

Let me know what you think!

Love to All,


(P.S my font color is in honor of Fall).

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