Saturday, April 27, 2013

No Heat Style...

Hey everyone!

On my last post someone asked me to show some no heat styles. So, today I am posting my hair style. Today is a hair washing day, so I thought it would be perfect to show what I do. I was laughing with my sissy today about my hair routine. I am such a creature of habit that its almost the same every week. On the day I wash my hair I wear it in a granny bun. This is also known by my brother as my librarian look. I wear it either high or low. I do this because I am able to moisturize it in a protective style. Today I put some coconut oil by Organix and some aragon oil and Shea butter curl enhancing yogurt also by Organix. My hair feels so healthy after I do this. They next day I usually do some other kind of bun. I really love barrel rolls at the moment so I tend to do these a few times a week. I wont say that I don't ever use heat, sometimes I like to curl a few pieces or do a big undo for church. Though I am really trying not to.

Right now I am using the Organix brand but when it runs out, I am headed to Trader Joe's for some organic coconut oil.

My hair for today is what I like to call..."Granny Librarian Lazy On Top of Head Summer Asian..Bun"

Sorry for the dark pictures. I am sitting on the couch and the lamp next to me is really weak. Anyways here is a no heater!!

Hope You Enjoy,


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