Saturday, April 27, 2013

Curly Hair Pics...Finally

Fun Fact...It was to long to fit in one picture LOL

No Heat Style...

Hey everyone!

On my last post someone asked me to show some no heat styles. So, today I am posting my hair style. Today is a hair washing day, so I thought it would be perfect to show what I do. I was laughing with my sissy today about my hair routine. I am such a creature of habit that its almost the same every week. On the day I wash my hair I wear it in a granny bun. This is also known by my brother as my librarian look. I wear it either high or low. I do this because I am able to moisturize it in a protective style. Today I put some coconut oil by Organix and some aragon oil and Shea butter curl enhancing yogurt also by Organix. My hair feels so healthy after I do this. They next day I usually do some other kind of bun. I really love barrel rolls at the moment so I tend to do these a few times a week. I wont say that I don't ever use heat, sometimes I like to curl a few pieces or do a big undo for church. Though I am really trying not to.

Right now I am using the Organix brand but when it runs out, I am headed to Trader Joe's for some organic coconut oil.

My hair for today is what I like to call..."Granny Librarian Lazy On Top of Head Summer Asian..Bun"

Sorry for the dark pictures. I am sitting on the couch and the lamp next to me is really weak. Anyways here is a no heater!!

Hope You Enjoy,


Friday, April 19, 2013

Hello There...It's a Hair Update

In true Courtney fashion... I am posting randomly! I'm sorry I miss everyone! Who would have thought Grad School was so time consuming?

So here is my hair update...
I have found some cute no heat styles that I like do everyday! The barrel roll is my friend! I love how classy it looks and how it is easy when you are in a rush. But that is not what I am here to post about. Guess what...I wore my hair natural to work yesterday. Of course I did not take pics...Sorry but I wore it in a pony with some extra volume at the root. I received so many compliments from my coworkers and my kids. One of the girls said, "Miss Courtney, how come you never wear your hair natural?" Can we say convicted? So I will attempt today. Pictures to come after I do my hair!

Love to All,