Monday, April 9, 2012

Curly Girl Method Week One Review...

It is the end of my first week. I started by shampooing my roots on day one to get the junk out (due the fact I lack in baking soda), then I conditioned it and washed it all out. I finger combed my hair in the shower to get any knots outs. Finally, I left a good amount of conditioner in my hair. After I got out I put my Aussie split end protector in also.

Everyday that I washed my hair I used my Aussie moist conditioner, with great results. The day I did not use it there was a large amount of poofage....So I am sticking with Aussie Moist. I also bought a wide tooth comb which really made a huge difference.

Here is day one! Directly after shower. My curls were already forming...
(I was on the phone with Kendra LOL, this is my model face)

Here if after gel is put in with a little blow drying....

(This is another great model face)

Here is day 3...Incident with different conditioner and no gel....

(I should really model!!! Do you see little beth sticking up on the right side lol. Yes I name curls)

Here is day 5!!! Co-washed, left conditioner in, split end treatment and gel!!

(Hard to see all the curlage but it was a great hair day for sure!!!)

Finally day 6 was my grad pics and I prayed for a good curl day!!!!

(Loved the curls this day!! I also added a little scrunch hairspray)

And today is like day 8 I decided no gel or hairspray!!

(Some people may not like this, but surprisingly I receive plenty of compliments.)

This is not the best lighting by my curls are pretty defined mixed with waves!

I really like the Curly Girl Method, let me know if you have tried it. Send some pics with the results!

Love to All,



  1. Looks great!! I just re-posted this to my blog!!

  2. I've noticed good results in my hair when I would skip washing and only use conditioner. I have curly hair and will definitely try all of the steps for the Curly Hair Method - minus scissors as well. :)

  3. As a young apostolic woman in her 20s I wanna just say keep up the good work..God Bless Girl