Tuesday, September 13, 2011

War against Acne!!!

So it took me a while to write this, sorry i just started school and moved into a new apartment!! Well since about 14 I have had a lovely face full of acne!! I tried ever over the counter face wash and even had my dad order me proactive! They seem to work for a month or two and then my face was back to horrible! In high school I caked on the mac make up trying to hide it. That only made thing worse! Sadly this greatly affected my self esteem!! In college I went to a dermotologist but became frustrated when nothing worked as fast as i wanted or didnt work at all. God only knows how much i have spent over the years, uh how frustrating!
Well, this year I went to my schools health center and vented to my doctor! She prescribed some cream and medication (not acutane), and it has done a miracle for my skin! As I am posting this my skin is clear! If you want to know what it is message me and I will let you know. But its not just due to the meds that my face is clear, its due to many other factors that I have learned through my battles!!
1. Do not over wash your face
2. Do not forsake face lotion that does not clog
3. Do not go out with sun screen
4. If it doesnt work after a day give it 2 months
5. Try vitamin e oil directly on your face
6. Learn what type of acne you have
7. Learn when your break outs occur
8. Dont pop
9. Dont pick
10. Most of all dont wear make up Clear Skin
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  1. i am unsure of how to privately message you...but i am interested in learning what you have begun to use to clear your acne. i am still using proactiv and it is not as clear as i would have hoped. i still get blotches of breakouts in the same way that i had before the proactiv...very disappointing.

  2. I don't have acne and I never have had it. However, I have been seeing an aesthetician for about 3 months now. And after extensive conversations with her I would HIGHLY recommend an aesthetician to anyone- not just someone with acne. My face is so much clearer, healthier and it glows. They know their stuff and they are interested in helping you obtain a lifestyle of healthy skin! Hope this helps :)

    Most dermotologists have them on staff now!

  3. I agree with Kendra, it may be expensive for facials but it is te natural way to clear your skin! At the moment facials are not in my budget so I had to turn to the doctor! I am on doxycyclin and Retin A. Mind you it may not work for you! I have cystic acne that i inherited from my dad and also I get breakouts during my time if you know what im saying lol! Some people can just take bc pills and be fine other like me have to attack from all angles! I do plan on getting facials because being on meds is not something i want to do for the rest of my life, but if you have acne you understand why someone would want to get rid of it. Acne can be physically and emotionally painful! Find out what kind of acne yoh have and talk to your dr for the best plan!!