Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Dare YOU...

I double DOG DARE you...

Remember being a kid and playing truth or dare?
My mommy always said, "Do not play that GAME"and of course I did!
Anytime someone double dog dared you, there was no getting around it.
SO, Im double dog daring you to wear your glory down today!!
No gel, hair spray, or mouse...

You think I am crazy
Well, why not?
Girls with straight hair wear their hair down all day everyday.
This is quite the feat for us huh?
Well take baby steps first.
Wear a hair tie on your wrist so when you can throw it up.
Do it when your at home for the day.
Do it around your girl friends.

I did it yesterday.
You will not believe the complements.
I was like the day I do nothing you notice? LOL

Here are some tips to help.
Deep condition the night before,
Wear a cute bow,
Wear a head band,
and maybe do a poof!!

Have fun with it, its your Glory!!

1 comment:

  1. This is so cute! You are so right about girls with straight hair doing it. why can't we?? Of course we can!!!