Friday, May 6, 2011

Products- The Ones That Actually WORK

Okay, Sorry It took me so long I was wrapping up test and papers for school.
Then I was stumped on what to write. While I was in the Shower,
I became upset with my conditioner and shampoo!!!

I know you have been in my shoes. Looking at the advertisements and seeing the defined curls that seem to shimmer in the sun light....LIES ALL LIES. I have tried each one and all they do is tangle my hair and make it look stringy!! So, I went undercover to find the truth about what actually works!! Now I don't have a guarantee that it will work for everyone, so shoot me an email and let me know what works for you!!

Shades, are a necessity for going undercover!!! 

So, if you walk down the hair section at any store you'll see the top brands... Pantene Pro V for curly hair, Treseme for curly hair, and so much more. I have spent time and money on it all. I never get the results I want. I end up throwing my hair in a bun and dealing with the knots later. I am going to let you in on my hair care product line up and hope it helps you.

Shampoo and Conditioner:

I made the mistake and went the sale route and bought tresme captivating curls...Doest work, it just leaves my hair frizzy.
The best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used is by Aussie!!! OMW Aussie Moist is my favorite!
I will never go back to anything else.. But in order to keep my hair extra healthy once a week I use a more expensive shampoo and conditioner. I Get the big pump one of the Aussie, and the Tea Tree Mint by organix only comes in a small size.

I love love this shampoo and conditioner, it makes my hair so soft. I also use the Teatree mint leave in conditioner.

I put this in after showering while my hair is wet. I then style it however I want. If I shower at night before bed I usually braid it with this treatment in it....When I wake up my hair feels great!! This is great for split ends and to keep my hair healthy and LONG! Now for everyday style I use Aussie hair spray. This stuff is amazing!! I use mega hold for everyday and Instant freeze for my updo's and crazy hairstyles that need a lot of hold!!

Without this hairspray my styles would not be possible. It actually holds my curls in place as well as my frizz. Now what you all been waiting for...How do I hold my scrunch look. You are probably expecting some expensive mouse or gel...You are Mistaken!! Its by suave!!! AMAZING PEOPLE...Whipped Mouse!!

Here, is how it turns out....
Ignore my brothers and look at those curls!! That was after a whole day!! People I Love this stuff.

Now you know my secrets I hope these help...And please email yours!


  1. Highlights for me...

    "ignore my brothers and look at those curls..."


    "shades are a necessity for going undercover"

    LOL great post :)

  2. Lol...As I wrote those I thought of all the responses you would have!! Love you

  3. Lol. I use Aussie too! Only hairspray that will hold my curls :)