Saturday, November 9, 2013

No Heat November -Style Review 1

So this week has been slightly challenging without heat, because a few times my hair wasn't working and I wanted to bust out my curling iron…BUT I DIDN'T. The first day I went to San Diego to go to my cousin's wedding. I met my beautiful new niece Marissa. I thought I got a pic of my hair, but when I got home I realized that it didn't show in the pic. It was just a messy bun with chop sticks.
My Sweet Marissa!
I had a blast and feel so honored to have been included in their special day. I am so happy to welcome Sarah and Marissa into the Thaler family!

Saturday, I wasn't feeling well and stayed home most of the day doing homework. But I did run over to my second home…Target! I wore my hair natural! I put some oil in it and called it a day!

On Sunday I decided that I wanted to wear my hair in a High Bun but I didn't know how. So I just started by a pony pulled halfway through, and started doing large pin curls. This is how it turned out! (Notice Kenny Creeping in the background!)

I changed my hair sunday night to a low bun that looked almost exactly like this, but sadly I forgot to take a picture. Monday morning I had to be at work by 6am so I slicked my hair back in a low bun. I did not take a picture because it was 5:20 when I left for work! On tuesday I wore my hair in a side braid with a cute little hat! 

As you can see I was feeling silly that day! On wednesday I had to do my hair in a style that would last through a day of teaching and then be church ready. So this is how it turned out. The lovely lady with me is my Trina Beana! I just noticed I only fixed the red eye in one eye LOL.

Thursday I wore a white lace headband that I made but I forgot to take a pic LOL…and Friday I was sick and I have no idea how my hair looked lol… So here is my weekish of hair update!

Monday, October 28, 2013


No Heat November

Let me start by saying that I am loving our first touch of Fall weather in sunny southern California. The wind is blowing, the rain is falling, and I am bundled up! It is just lovely to be able to sit on the couch with Kendra blasting Christmas Music, while the family drinks some tea lattes. Did I say I love Fall?

So here is the scoop…

Have you ever heard of No Shave November? During my time at Sac State I heard of some people, both male and female, that for the month of November did not shave. I was grossed out by this (for the ladies) and thought it was silly. Well the other day I was trying to do my hair for church and was considering curling it because it was just not working out for me. A thought popped in my head that I should really try a month without heat. I try to only curl my hair like 4 times a month, just because I want to keep it healthy. But if you say you are not going to curl your hair, you are like making a commitment! So then I chuckled to myself, NO HEAT NOVEMBER, and laughed even harder that I thought I could document the whole month of NO HEAT styles (me last a month of straight blogging). I let the thought run over in my head, and thought of not posting it because I would have to stick to it. But I overcame and have decided to send out a challenge…. NO HEAT NOVEMBER!

Here is how it works

1. For the whole month of November, you cannot use ANY heat in your hair…(Curl, Straighten, BlowDry, etc….)

Thats it, pretty simple right?

I will TRY to post pictures of my styles everyday, especially for church! This is also a challenge for me because my sister thinks I get stuck with the same hair style for a month (she may or may not be right). 

Let me know what you think!

Love to All,


(P.S my font color is in honor of Fall).

Monday, June 24, 2013

New Technique!

Okay, we all know I am the worst blogger in the history of blogging! But there is a reason and its name is THESIS. If you have ever written one you would completely understand my lack of blogging!

Well today was filled with lots of homework since it was my day off from Hobby Lobby. Before I went to bed I went to take a shower and decided to wash my hair. I usually wash my hair twice a week now because that is what works best for my hair. Some of my friends laugh because they can tell my rotation. The day I was my hair its slick back and in a tight bun. The next day it is in some sort of bun whether high or low. Finally on the last day which is a church day, I wear some sort of fancy bun, and maybe I add some curls. I am such a creature of habit it is absolutely ridiculous! But its me and I just laugh about it! Well I have been trying to not wear my hair the same to work. This is because some lovely older woman whom was buying fabric the other day, asked if "All that hair was mine". I was taken back by this lol, but laughed none the less! I took this as I probably should not do my hair like that everyday! Then later that week one of my special coworkers asked if I was AMISH. Now, for me this is a compliment because I love AMISH people!!!!! But I feel that I have a little more style than an AMISH person. So this was my confirmation that my hair needed to change. All this being said, I decided to wash my hair and then try and wear it curly to work...DUN DUN DUHHHH!

I have not worn my hair down and curly in months. Sadly, I am a lazy curly girl. Don't get me wrong I try and take care of my curls, and I love my curls dearly!! With this I have decided to try something new. A couple months ago I was looking for new techniques on YouTube. I came across a college student that ties a T-shirt on her head. She had short hair so I thought that this would not work on my hair. But tonight feeling spontaneous I decided to give it a shot. After washing I left extra conditioner in my hair. I then took my wide tooth comb and combed through my hair. I then went through my product draw and proceeded to put every product I own on my hair (: First I put my coconut oil, then my new tresseme split end treatment, then some other frizz control, then organix curl cream, then another curl cream I can't think of the name, then my Curlz gel, then Got to be glued! Okay so I need to take a pic of everything I put in, but you can see that there was a ton of stuff. I then diffused it for about 2 minutes. I then took a T-Shirt that had long sleeves and laid it on my bed. Facing me was the part where my head would usually go through. I put all my hair on the T-Shirt and then tied the shirt around my head. Now I will sleep and see how it goes.

I plan on making a video, but first I want to make sure it works...I shall let you all know!

Love to ALL,


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Curly Hair Pics...Finally

Fun Fact...It was to long to fit in one picture LOL

No Heat Style...

Hey everyone!

On my last post someone asked me to show some no heat styles. So, today I am posting my hair style. Today is a hair washing day, so I thought it would be perfect to show what I do. I was laughing with my sissy today about my hair routine. I am such a creature of habit that its almost the same every week. On the day I wash my hair I wear it in a granny bun. This is also known by my brother as my librarian look. I wear it either high or low. I do this because I am able to moisturize it in a protective style. Today I put some coconut oil by Organix and some aragon oil and Shea butter curl enhancing yogurt also by Organix. My hair feels so healthy after I do this. They next day I usually do some other kind of bun. I really love barrel rolls at the moment so I tend to do these a few times a week. I wont say that I don't ever use heat, sometimes I like to curl a few pieces or do a big undo for church. Though I am really trying not to.

Right now I am using the Organix brand but when it runs out, I am headed to Trader Joe's for some organic coconut oil.

My hair for today is what I like to call..."Granny Librarian Lazy On Top of Head Summer Asian..Bun"

Sorry for the dark pictures. I am sitting on the couch and the lamp next to me is really weak. Anyways here is a no heater!!

Hope You Enjoy,


Friday, April 19, 2013

Hello There...It's a Hair Update

In true Courtney fashion... I am posting randomly! I'm sorry I miss everyone! Who would have thought Grad School was so time consuming?

So here is my hair update...
I have found some cute no heat styles that I like do everyday! The barrel roll is my friend! I love how classy it looks and how it is easy when you are in a rush. But that is not what I am here to post about. Guess what...I wore my hair natural to work yesterday. Of course I did not take pics...Sorry but I wore it in a pony with some extra volume at the root. I received so many compliments from my coworkers and my kids. One of the girls said, "Miss Courtney, how come you never wear your hair natural?" Can we say convicted? So I will attempt today. Pictures to come after I do my hair!

Love to All,